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VIDEOS COMING SOON!!  -->  watch for YouTube LINKS!
VIDEOS COMING SOON!!  -->  watch for YouTube LINKS!
No pounding on waves Customer service 0450018840
sail Hulls, motor Hulls, or Jet Ski Hulls
Lower your fuel bill
From 0km to 50-60km in three seconds, empty or a tone of weight the payload does not even slow this design down. So this tells me that when the hull is loaded, it won’t use much more fuel than empty. If you are a professional fisherman you should take a very good look at this design. Straight through waves, head on, or straight over waves following seas. Less stress on you and the hull. Come and try, see for yourself how good below the water line, where it counts, the three dimensional design really is.

The above statement shows how proud I am, very proud of this three dimensional boat hull design, higher than all expectations I could ever imagine.
Thank you to every one for all the positive feedback.

Retailers and Manufacturers, if you are very proud of your merchandise and looking for more exposure, meboat will be one of the most popular Boat Hull designs ever built, no one will stop this design from cusses,
No pounding straight through waves head on.
Over waves and down the other side in following seas, empty, 200kg, or loaded with a tone of weight rough water or calm water there is not much difference, the design brings these costs to run closer together.
Test Drives
Started on the 23-11-2012 call me or email me to arrange a time

google petes boat bowen
to see videos
Three dimensional boat hull design self-standing using weight
MEBOAT 0km to 60km in three seconds
MEBOAT off set design
Explaining the design 0450018840
Building standards
Meboat Hold value to hand on to the next generation
Save your money with fibreglass Stringer and Transom standard
No timber built to hand on to the next generation of your choice
Build to experts specifications and the guide of Australian standards
Photo of proto hull below being tested on its side.
  I would like to invite you to be part of this new boat design
Stability of a vee hull & the fuel saving of a flat hulled Boat.
cheap on fuel$
Smaller motor faster speed


. New shape to play with
. Brand new design under the water line
. This design is not a vee hull refurbished
. Less fuel smaller motor faster speed
. This boat will plane at around 4km
. Will build up to 80f and then 140f 

. shiping design to lower the carbon foot  print
. Engineers Top of the Class

cheap on fuel$ 

. I know exactly what needs to be done to build this Design out to 80ft and bigger
right to the last inch.

STABILITY! with a good draft.
. The off set design is Brilliant
. This vee Shape resembles the shape of a fish the centre draft
.The flat surfaces gives lift & Stability with little to no water resistance
. This design is all water dynamics! Stability! centre weight under the water line
weight is below the centre of gravity a quick reaction the hull leans back on the
flat surface and is darted forward like that of a fish darting forward.
. Stability of a vee hull & the fuel saving of a flat hulled Boat.
. Off setting the flat surface to the centre vee takes away limitations of a vee hull.
. Right on the money! designed for rougher conditions to save fuel
. Works well punching waves, following seas or quarter seas
best of both worlds no more jarring your self & the boat pounding through waves

. The motor does not have to lift as well as push just push,
the flat surface does the lifting with little resistance.
. A better way for a hull to cut through water
. A hull to handle rough conditions less drag and to be cheaper on fuel to run.
. Water does not have to be changed

  all the way to the back of the boat like a vee hulled boat design
  the water simply passes under the flat surface that give lift with very little resistance
. Displacement of the weight under the water line,

 brilliant balance at the right height to the water level under it
. Using the water dynamics in the design not horse power less money to run
. Well this boat design works absolutely brilliantly
. Fish darting they don’t build speed from stop to go there just gone as is this design.

Thank you for your time


Proto Hull

Photo of proto hull below being tested on its side. 

a forward counter weight of 200kg is placed in the centre vee with that weight hanging out there in the centre vee the hull is self standing.


the vee is below the water line lower than the centre of gravity that has a reaction to stand up.

next to no stern drag as you can see with the shape of the hull.


 18 year old engine for testing is rated from the fly wheel 250hp  by the time the power gets to the propeller it is rated at 225hp as are the new engines now rated from the propeller.


the old engine on the proto hull was

braking down one carbie not working and still

0km to 60km 3 seconds with power in reserve

as you can see in the photo the shape saves massive energy  leaning back on the water not needing to be lifted using the power of the engine.


side on to a wave face the hull is the opposite shape of the wave face the wave can not push on the flat surface only lift The centre vee is at a similar angle to the wave face  


 the wave simply goes under the hull.


imagine a 12m hull of this design and shape

with out changing the dynamics of the centre vee only the length

then only widen the flat surface by 500mm each side then you have a 12m hull

that can go from 0km to 60km in three seconds the same size engine and acceleration as the 8m but with better reach or a sail hull

have a nice Day. cheers! 



Queensland 4805